The five best ways to demotivate your new recruits

27th April 2018|

How to avoid failing your new recruits
It’s interesting how many friends and clients complain about how bad their induction process for new recruits is. It seems their organisations invest a lot of time, money and effort into selecting and hiring the right person. However, they forget that the way they treat their new starter has a […]

Dealing with an uncertain world

5th February 2017|

Volatility ahead
Cliches aside, the only thing you can be certain about in 2017 (or indeed anytime in the foreseeable future) is uncertainty.  You only have to look at where we are now compared to where we were this time last year to see how predicting anything is dangerous.  (Don’t worry, I’m not going to […]

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5 secrets to successfully making your resolutions stick

3rd January 2017|

Making your resolutions stick
It’s that time of year when many of us are looking to make commitments to do things differently in our personal lives. However, I also want to reflect on workplace resolutions too. Success in making changes to your leadership style or to the way your team operates is based on the […]

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The Myth of the Perfect Strategy

21st November 2016|

Does the “perfect strategy” exist?
In the work we do, we see lots of time and effort put into creating strategies. Sometimes it can look like the quest to create a perfect strategy is more important than its delivery. Endless research, reporting back, refining, realigning, re-researching, testing, re-refining … the story goes on.

Here we want to […]

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Formula for behaviour change

29th October 2016|

Formula for behaviour change
An interesting model for looking at behaviour change is BJ Fogg’s formula for behaviour change. This simple model will be referred to as the Fogg Behaviour Model or FBM in the rest of this post.

The FBM is made up of three core elements referred to as motivation, ability and triggers. In […]

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Presentations in times of change

16th August 2016|

(“Presentations in times of change” is a Guest blog by Simon Raybould of Presentation Genius –

If you’re leading people through change, the chances are you’ll get some resistance from at least some of them. (If you don’t, you’re in luck – but make sure everyone isn’t just going along with it as a result […]

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DISC Behavioural Framework

10th January 2016|

DISC behavioural framework: Transcript of Video
This week I’m going to be talking you through the DISC behavioural framework. This is a model for describing behaviour whether it’s management behaviour, employee behaviour or whatever context you’re using it in. It’s a simple framework, similar to Myers Briggs and MBTI which most people are familiar with, […]