logo_rolls_royceOur client’s aim

Rolls-Royce Aerospace worked with Flint Spark Consulting because they needed help to ignite their people by having managers taking the lead (because when people are effectively led they are informed, involved and inspired).


Objective of our commission

Flint Spark Consulting was commissioned to support a site rationalisation programme through facilitating the development of a shared implementation plan by the senior and middle management team.


Our chosen approach

We designed and delivered a series of facilitated planning sessions which enabled managers affected by the change to express their concerns, develop mutual respect and understanding for each other’s needs, and ultimately develop a plan which took into consideration all of the concerns that employees would naturally have regarding relocation and reallocation of duties.


Services delivered

Praise for a job well done

The workshops provided us with an opportunity to get a lot of stuff out in the open and for the team to discuss the situation as a management team for the first time. The way in which you facilitated the sessions was excellent and ensured that people came out of the two days in a positive frame of mind, and the data captured will provide us with lot of good information to assist in the development of our implementation plan