Our client’s aim

Tommee Tippee worked with Flint Spark Consulting because they needed help to ignite their people by getting their priorities in order (because when people share the big picture they are motivated to make a difference)

Objective of our commission

Tommee Tippee is the market leader of baby essentials products in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. They are an ambitious company with a bold vision and strategy to grow internationally.

Tommee Tippee had developed a set of corporate values and behaviours that they wanted to roll-out to their employees globally. They wanted to this in an interactive way that allowed employees to see the connection between the values and the company vision and strategy.

Our chosen approach

Working through BigPicture Learning, we developed a BigPicture Learning Map through an extensive process of consultation and collaboration with the Tommee Tippee leadership team.

The Tommee Tippee BigPicture Learning map was a unique, colourful visual metaphor that shared the big picture of their business.  It brought Tommee Tippee’s core strategy, key business objectives and major change processes to life in a rich, clear and meaningful way.  The Tommee Tippee BigPicture Learning Map made it possible for Tommee Tippee to get everyone up to speed quickly and consistently; energise its employees to contribute and reflect on how their roles deliver strategic imperatives.

The Tommee Tippee BigPicture Learning Map came with a comprehensive facilitator guide and toolkit to enable a consistently high-quality experience for their internal facilitators and delegates alike.  The large visually-rich storyboard and dialogue cards enabled leaders and managers to walk through strategy with their people.  A combination of tools, games and exercises combined to engage employees.

Services delivered

Praise for a job well done

Our objective as to develop, embed and bring to life company values across our global organisation.

The outcome was that Craig led a number of workshops with the Executive team to develop our company values that really matter to the individuals and which form a solid bedrock for our business.

The strategic learning map module was a fantastic creative and visual tool that allows us to :-

1.      Align our organisation to the company’s strategy

2.      Allow the workforce to emotionally connect with our strategy

3.      Empower people to accelerate change

The visual tool has had very positive feedback from the employees as we look to roll out the learning map across our international business

Steve Parkin, CEO Tommee Tippee