Leading Change™

Change is an ever-present factor of business life for many of us. Leading a team through the long and short-term challenges relentless change produces is an essential competency. One of the most challenging aspects of change is not the technical part but the human (behavioural and cultural) side of change. As a leader of change, learn more about a structured approach to these “softer” elements of change in a way that supports you to realise the full benefit of the change(s) you are implementing.

Leading Change™ is a world-leading interactive workshop.  This training programme is the result of over three years of product development.

The Leading Change™ programme is versatile enough to accommodate people with or without a defined responsibility for a specific change, and teams that are going to be responsible for implementing a specific change initiative.

By attending a Leading Change™ programme, delegates will learn how to:

  • Understand and adapt your own leadership style in the context of change
  • Learn principles and leadership strategies for leading the “emotional side” of change
  • Understand and use a process and toolkit for leading change
  • Create a personal action plan and an action plan for a current
  • or future change you are responsible for leading
  • Ultimately to become a more effective change leader

By the end of this programme you will be able to act more confidently in your role as a change leader in change situations. You will have insight into the essentials of managing and leading change in line with business context. By practising with your own change situation, you will know how to lead change more effectively as well as having a better understanding of your own strengths and development areas.

You will understand what motivates and stimulates your employees in change situations. You will also be able to respond to behaviours that indicate resistance.