Leading Bold Change ™ – Our Iceberg is Melting

28th July 2015|

Leading Bold Change ™
We often get enquiries about “Leading Bold Change ™”… a workshop we delivered for five years under license to Kotter International. We became well known for delivering this programme which is based on the work of John Kotter and in particular his book, “Our Iceberg is Melting”, which Kotter co-authored with Holger […]

What do you do when change feels like end of the world?

24th November 2014|

When facing change within an organisation, it’s not unusual for employees to feel disorientated and out-of-sorts. Often it can feel like their entire world is crumbling around them and that their sense of identity is being compromised. What looks like a relative minor change to managers and leaders is often amplified the further down […]

Celebrate a short term win as a target achieved

25th July 2014|

Although focusing on the long term vision is critical to ultimately achieving it, not celebrating the short term wins as targets achievement is an opportunity lost, and this is often just a case of clearer communication.

Changing behaviour – a matter of life or death?

25th July 2014|

Changing the behaviour of people is the most important challenge for businesses trying to compete in a turbulent world.