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If your organisation is large and complex, you might not be feeling quite as adaptable as you used to be, and you may be finding that your people – who should be your greatest assets – are in some ways tying you down. Flint Spark Consulting helps organisations like yours to really take advantage of your scale, so your strength and the power of your people assets are realised.

At Flint Spark Consulting we can help you to align your workforce with the change you want to see in your organisation, so you can achieve genuine competitive advantage and really make sparks fly. You can drive change much faster if you have teams that work, everyone’s priorities are in order, and your managers are taking a lead.

Flint Spark Consulting gave me a clear view on what Organisational Capability is about, and how you can motivate teams and groups to think out of the box! Working with Flint Spark also showed me that creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun!  PepsiCo

Founder and Principal Consultant Craig Smith

Craig Smith

Craig Smith, Founder of Flint Spark Consulting is known for his practical, down to earth and honest approach to designing and delivering real-world solutions that enable his clients to drive genuine and sustainable change.

Drawing on his own extensive leadership and management experience in fast-moving environments, and his encounters with no end of tools and techniques to support the organisational change process, Craig has developed a suite of services which have made a genuine difference to organisational performance for clients across the UK and internationally. With a particular interest in human behaviour, Craig is always keen to showcase how changing behaviours and shaping conversations can successfully ignite your people, and make sparks fly for your organisation.

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Craig was a pleasure to work with. He quickly developed credibility and rapport with our executive team, was very responsive to requests for information and delivered what he promised – a great quality product, on time. Isos Housing

Specialist Associates

Led by Craig Smith, Flint Spark Consulting provides access to a team of long-term Associates who contribute further specialist expertise to the services we deliver, because we are absolutely committed to helping you to ignite your people and make sparks fly for your organisation.