The Bee Book

The Bee Book is an allegory (some will refer to it as a fable or parable). The story is about a hive of bees who are faced with a catastrophic change in their environment. They need to take quick action if they are to survive. But is the hive ready and capable of adapting to the challenges presented or are they stuck in a world of complacency? Co-authored by Flint Spark Consulting’s very own Craig Smith, the book is a modern alternative to “Who Moved my Cheese?” and “Our Iceberg is Melting!”.

The Bee Book will help people in all types of organisations: whether it is a large multi-national, a not-for-profit, a school, a government department or a start-up. We feel that understanding the basic ingredients for taking an organisation from where it is today to where it should be tomorrow is a critical leadership role. The book is available from Amazon in all regions/countries. It is available in paperback and Kindle versions.

The Bee Book has an accompanying workshop “Bee Fit for the Future”. The workshop will help managers in your organisation to better understand and demonstrate skills associated with:

  • Change
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Employee Engagement
The workshop can be directly delivered by us or we can offer Train-the Trainer packages for those who wish to become certified trainers. Visit our workshop page at The Bee Book website. Please see our recent blog explaining more about the book and its use as a training tool.

Please visit our website for further information about the book and our workshops.

What people are saying about the book:

  • “I’ve been working in project and change management for longer than I care to remember. This book is a wonderfully written insight to organisational behaviours and has all the characters I have encountered over the years. I’d suggested that anyone from an organisation contemplating a change programme or indeed in the midst of any such programme should read this. It’s highly likely they’ll save money and be a more effective organisation with happier staff.”
  • “This is a wonderful story!! A really interesting and enjoyable read that is so relevant for today’s business environment. I strongly recommend this book for all those interested in leadership and change. There is a brilliant website ( and I can’t wait to attend the Bee Fit for the Future workshop that accompanies the book.”
  • “A great concept and a simple to follow and impliment book. Well worth a read.”
  • “A great book – an inspired way to communicate the issues every leader faces. Hugely thought provoking and a great read to start off 2016.”