Ignite your people and make sparks fly for your organisation

The size and complexity of your organisation should be one of its key assets.  But for mature organisations that have already built a track-record of success, sometimes it may feel as though your size is actually starting to stand in the way of progress.

You’re perhaps not quite as agile as you used to be, but with some re-alignment of your employees you know you could accelerate your progress, because if your people drive change you will get there faster.

Flint Spark Consulting helps organisations like yours to keep moving forward by getting the most from their people.

By working with us, clients benefit from having:

  • Teams that are focused, aligned and engaged
  • People who genuinely own and deliver a shared vision and plan
  • The right conversations taking place within their organisation to drive positive change
  • Managers who just make the right things happen.

Through a tried and tested series of Team conversations, Culture and Behaviour Change programmes, and Visual Engagement Tools we can design a service that fulfils your aspirations, your timescales and your budget.

Some recent case studies: