Visual engagement tools

Help your people change faster through visual engagement

As well as expert facilitation, training and consultancy services, we know that sometimes you need to apply some tricks of the trade to help you to achieve your organisation’s vision, values and strategy.

Flint Spark Consulting can introduce you to a series of highly effective, tried and tested visual engagement tools which have been designed specifically to help you to get more from your people, by presenting a visual representation of dialogue, ideas, plans and the individual contributions required to achieve your goals.

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Engaging hundreds of people around a complex strategy is no mean feat, but if you manage it your employees will contribute more, because they are aligned and fully engaged.

BigPicture Learning can work with you to develop unique, visual communication tools that share the big picture of your business, so employees understand exactly how their role delivers key strategic priorities.

  • Turn complex plans into memorable images through creating a visual representation of your business
  • Bring core strategy, key business objectives or major change processes to life in a rich, clear and meaningful way
  • Get everyone up to speed quickly and consistently
  • Find out more about Learning Maps

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Graphic FacilitationBack to the top

Team discussions can be hugely powerful for driving forward change in your organisation, however they can also be really difficult to record through standard note-taking. The meaningful dialogue, strategic deliberation and positive outcomes can sometimes get lost amongst the detail, leading to diluted messages so the real impact is short-lived.

Flint Spark Consulting uses Graphic Facilitation at your conferences, seminars, workshops, retreats or training events to record key conversations, and decisions made, creating an instant map of group work by connecting images and words.

  • Vivid and stimulating graphics will increase creativity and improve  communication and engagement, both during and after your team discussion
  • You will receive a report after your event containing images of the graphics, as well as the original graphics for you to display
  • See some examples of Graphic Facilitation

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Videos and animations are being used more and more to communicate complex messages, and  engage your audience in a way no other medium can.  We all know that ’a picture paints a thousand words’;  add the extra impact of video and the outcome can be immense.

Flint Spark Consulting can help you to produce well-written, quality videos and animations to communicate messages creatively as well as consistently.

  • Video animation can be adapted for any situation, from reinforcing messages to launching new communications campaigns
  • Your video will can be used across multiple platforms, both online and face to face
  • With our first-hand experience you’re assured of developing a meaningful, high impact video animation with the minimum of fuss
  • See some examples of Videos and animation

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