Team conversations

When your people have the right conversations they will make faster progress

Flint Spark Consulting can support your people to have productive discussions on any scale – from company-wide conferences to small local discussions – and about any topic – from organisational strategy to operational detail.

Through injecting effective planning, expert facilitation, and thought-provoking content, your people will not only experience a new style of interaction, they will also be given the opportunity to make good decisions to assure your organisation makes progress.

Conferences and meeting facilitationBack to the top

Any time away from the day job represents a significant cost to any organisation, so it’s understandable that our clients are looking for greater engagement, particularly at key conferences and events, and clearer objectives for large and small-scale meetings that are assured of being achieved.

Flint Spark Consulting can support you to make the most of time spent in meetings and at conferences through providing expert, independent facilitation:

  • Your objectives will be clearly defined in advance, and the event designed to achieve them
  • Full participation through an inclusive, and when necessary challenging, approach
  • People will actually talk to each other – no more ‘death by powerpoint’!
  • Your schedule will run on time, no excuses

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Team away daysBack to the top

Team away days can provide the perfect opportunity to help a team through a range of improvements, from team-formation and building trust to getting alignment on key priorities and activities. Planning a team away day, however, can be a real challenge whether the objective is to have some fun or get down to some real work.

Flint Spark Consulting can help you to plan and deliver a memorable and high impact team away day that fulfils the objectives of the organisation as well as the aspirations of those involved.

  • Expert planning and guidance will ensure that expectations for the day match your objectives
  • An appropriate atmosphere, activities and location will be designed to enhance the experience
  • Team alignment will evolve, and be reinforced, leading to improved trust and understanding

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Key-note speakerBack to the top

A key-note speaker can serve to energise and motivate your people, and bring to life some of the concepts and ideas you’ve been tackling during a conference, away day or event.

As a member of the Professional Speaking Association (PSA) with a solid track-record developed over several years of key-note speaking on the topic of changing behaviours and attitudes, our Founder Craig Smith can share his knowledge and ideas that will help you to ignite your people.

Key-note content can be tailored entirely to your organisation’s needs, and in the past has included:

  • Dealing with the tough stuff: Crucial Conversations
  • How to change when change is hard
  • Developing a resilient workforce

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Some recent case studies: