Disney Interactive and Disney OnlineOur client’s aim

Disney Interactive and Disney Online worked with Flint Spark Consulting because they needed help to ignite their people by having their managers taking a lead (because when people are effectively led they are informed, involved and inspired).

Objective of our commission

Flint Spark Consulting was commissioned to support a programme of development amongst new managers to improve communication and performance management.

Our chosen approach

Following an initial consultation period which involved interviews and a facilitated workshop with key staff we were able to diagnose the key areas for development and design a two-day workshop in response. Through the workshop we introduced a new framework for giving feedback, setting objectives, monitoring performance and recognising achievement, and enabled delegates to consolidate theory into practice through facilitated discussions, role-plays and case studies.

Services delivered

Praise for a job well done

I had the pleasure of working with Craig Smith recently as he supported our efforts to design and deliver one of our Company’s internal training programs. In partnering with Craig to prepare him for facilitation of this program for many of our employees in Europe, I found him to be a patient, thorough and highly professional consultant.

Upon completion of the facilitated training, Craig offered wonderful comments, notes, and suggestions back to us on how he thought the program might be improved. He offered this feedback with a delicate, yet confident touch … professional all the while. I hope we can work together again soon!