Isos HousingOur client’s aim

Isos Housing worked with Flint Spark Consulting because they needed help to ignite their people by getting their priorities in order (because when people share the big picture they are motivated to make a difference)

Objective of our commission

Isos is one of the North East’s leading providers of affordable homes to rent and buy. They are a not-for-profit organisation that manages more than 17000 homes in the region.

With their passion for employee engagement and reputation as an excellent company to work for, Isos worked with Flint Spark Consulting to help communicate their vision and values to their employees. The project’s purpose was to facilitate and communicate organisational clarity in a way that engaged the hearts and minds of managers and staff, creating a sense of connection to the purpose and aims of the new ‘Better As One’ Isos.  The target audience was a workforce of 300 employees dispersed around the North East.

Our chosen approach

Working with BigPicture Learning, we developed a BigPicture Learning Map. This was done through an inclusive process, involving staff and managers to develop a visual representation of how the organisation had got to where it was, and to showcase the future vision.

The Isos BigPicture Learning map was a unique, colourful visual metaphor that shared the big picture of the Isos business.  It brought Isos’ core strategy, key business objectives and major change processes to life in a rich, clear and meaningful way.  The Isos BigPicture Learning Map made it possible for Isos to get everyone up to speed quickly and consistently; energize it’s employees to contribute and reflect on how their roles deliver strategic imperatives.

The Isos BigPicture Learning Map came with a comprehensive facilitator guide and toolkit to enable a consistently high-quality experience for Isos facilitators and delegates alike.  The large visually-rich storyboard and dialogue cards enabled leaders and managers to walk through strategy with their people.  A combination of tools, games and exercises combined to engage employees.

Services delivered

Praise for a job well done

Feedback from the Learning Map sessions was overwhelmingly positive. Scores against the learning objectives for the Learning Map were:

    • I understand the external environment is becoming more competitive and demanding = 98% agree/strongly agre
    • I understand Isos needs to be more commercial to deliver on its social purpose = 96% agree/strongly agree
    • I understand what Isos is about, where we are going and why = 99% agree/strongly agree
    • I understand how important the values are to our future success = 99% agree/strongly agree
    • I feel proud to be part of Isos = 98% agree/strongly agree

Throughout the process Craig was a pleasure to work with. He quickly developed credibility and rapport with our executive team and confidently guided us through the process. He was very responsive to requests for information and delivered what he promised – a great quality product – on time.

I would highly recommend Flint Spark Consulting to anyone and hope that we will work together again in the future.