Our client’s aim

LeasePlan worked with Flint Spark Consulting because they needed help to ignite their people by having managers taking the lead (because when people are effectively led they are informed, involved and inspired).


Objective of our commission

Leaseplan were running a management conference and wanted to include a 4-hour motivational speech and skill-build session that would give their managers the confidence and skills to influence major change within the organisation’s European business.


Our chosen approach

We developed a session that was a combination of public speaking (sharing our perspectives on change and some of the lessons we have learnt from working with some of the world’s leading organisations) and training delegates on how to use the Kotter 8-step change model. The session involved breakout discussions and teamwork and also encouraged networking between delegates from different functions.


Services delivered


Praise for a job well done

Thank you for your support. It all went well. We received enthusiastic reactions from the participants.