Welch's FoodsOur client’s aim

University of Portsmouth worked with Flint Spark Consulting because they needed help to ignite their people by having managers taking the lead (because when people are effectively led they are informed, involved and inspired).


Objective of our commission

Flint Spark Consulting was commissioned to develop and deliver 2-day change management workshops to develop the skills of senior managers to effectively lead their teams through a major change at the university.


Our chosen approach

Flint worked with key staff and stakeholders at the university to develop a programme that would meet the needs of the delegates. We conducted consultation calls and also attended meetings to fully understand the context and challenges the organisation faced. Working alongside University of Portsmouth and other providers selected to deliver as part of a series of workshops, Flint Spark Consulting developed “Supporting Positive Change”. This two-day workshop was based around a number of world-class approaches for leading change in organisations with a strong practical focus to help managers to apply what they learnt.


Services delivered


Praise for a job well done

Enjoyable and although I am very pressured daily, felt really useful time spent.