York St John University Our client’s aim

York St John University worked with Flint Spark Consulting because they needed help to ignite their people by having managers taking the lead (because when people are effectively led they are informed, involved and inspired).


Objective of our commission

Flint Spark Consulting was commissioned to support managers to enhance their change management capability through the design and implementation of a focused and sustainable capability building programme which included support with accessing learning materials, ongoing support and coaching, and the opportunity for building networks beyond
faculty boundaries.


Our chosen approach

After an initial engagement event for potential delegates we designed a programme which included the delivery of modular workshops over three or four months, together with ongoing learning activities, coaching and ideas sharing which was facilitated through the University’s online learning system.


Services delivered

Praise for a job well done

The blended approach worked really well and we enjoyed working with Craig Smith and Flint Spark Consulting. The quality of the materials provided was excellent and the content very helpful.