Personality and behavioural profiling

Personality and behavioural profiling will help you to ignite your people by helping them to better understand themselves and to adapt their behaviours. This works in multiple contexts such as within a work team, in a leadership position or a sales relationship.

By providing the opportunity to discuss and understand their behavioural differences through a non-judgemental analysis, your people will have the ability to adopt a common behavioural language.  This leads to improved teamwork and ultimately improved organisational performance.

We are a certified practitioner of a range of personality and behavioural profiling tools including Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Step 1 and 2, The Change Style Indicator (CSI), DiSC and Belbin Team Roles.  We can help you to take advantage of personality and behavioural profiling with individuals, across teams, or as a component of facilitated workshops, away days or training programmes.

  • Manage more effectively through an improved understanding of your people
  • Become a better leader through improved self knowledge
  • Facilitate enhanced teamwork and minimise team conflict

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