Dealing with the Tough Stuff

Dealing with the Tough Stuff

This workshop will improve the ability of managers and leaders to deliver difficult feedback and have meaningful performance conversations. You will learn from the science of human behaviour, non-verbal communication and other advanced communication techniques.

Why is this important? Recent research shows feedback discussions are the least enjoyed management task second only to sacking someone. (source: Gallup) So how have we got to this point? How has having a direct, real and necessary conversation with staff and colleagues become so hard? In a nutshell, we have been shown processes without considering the human element in the discussion.

Dealing With the Tough Stuff™ can show you how to not only survive the tough conversations, but to thrive within them.

This workshop will be of benefit to anyone who leads, manages or supervises the work of others and who is accountable for their performance. The workshop will be of particular benefit to those looking to uplift individual performance, change deep-rooted behaviours or to improve interactions and respect between team members.

The workshop blends discussion, group work, interactive presentations and exercises aimed at reinforcing concepts and building skills and confidence.

Through participating in one of our Dealing with the Tough Stuff™ one day (or half day) workshops your leaders will learn about the science of human behaviour and understand more about non-verbal and advanced communication techniques, so they can have more productive discussions in the workplace – and less conflict.

We are happy to run free taster sessions for your leaders to see how we approach these tough conversations. We are confident that once you work with us, you will see the benefits for your organisation of taking your managers and leaders through a Tough Stuff programme.

  • De-personalise tough feedback
  • Uncover the root causes of difficult behaviour
  • Get greater clarity over their requests to their staff members and colleagues
  • Have more productive performance discussions
  • Enjoy substantially less conflict and misunderstanding

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