Graphic Facilitation

Team discussions can be hugely powerful for driving forward change in your organisation, however they can also be really difficult to record through standard note-taking. The meaningful dialogue, strategic deliberation and positive outcomes can sometimes get lost amongst the detail, leading to diluted messages so the real impact is short-lived.

Flint Spark Consulting uses Graphic Facilitation at your conferences, seminars, workshops, retreats or training events to record key conversations, and decisions made, creating an instant map of group work by connecting images and words.  Not only do we use graphics to support your event, we are excellent process facilitators too. We design and facilitate an agenda that delivers your objectives and makes the most of the “contact time” you have with each other at your event.

By working with us you will get:

  • Vivid and stimulating graphics will increase creativity and improve  communication and engagement, both during and after your team discussion
  • A report after your event containing images of the graphics, as well as the original graphics for you to display
  • An expertly designed event aimed at delivering your objectives, supporting key conversations and making decisions that stick

Some examples of our work: