BEWARE… failed projects ahead!

7th October 2014|

Have you seen a change programme within your organisation fail… and then be asked to resurrect it? Re-introducing failed projects back into the organisation is never easy.

The challenge is that often these initiatives have been sold in at a high level within the organisation with a business case that sounds entirely logical and sensible. […]

Building legacy into succession planning accelerates change

26th July 2014|

Why do organisations encourage new managers to "make your mark" rather than "inherit, build and improve"? Build legacy into succession planning.

Short term wins can help employees deal with change

26th July 2014|

Whether it’s moving jobs, moving to a new school or adapting to a new office layout, we all face times when we have to let go of something that has marked out our identity and defined who we are.  For that reason, helping employees to deal with change is never easy. In any change […]

Celebrate a short term win as a target achieved

25th July 2014|

Although focusing on the long term vision is critical to ultimately achieving it, not celebrating the short term wins as targets achievement is an opportunity lost, and this is often just a case of clearer communication.

Changing behaviour – a matter of life or death?

25th July 2014|

Changing the behaviour of people is the most important challenge for businesses trying to compete in a turbulent world.