What do you do when change feels like end of the world?

24th November 2014|

When facing change within an organisation, it’s not unusual for employees to feel disorientated and out-of-sorts. Often it can feel like their entire world is crumbling around them and that their sense of identity is being compromised. What looks like a relative minor change to managers and leaders is often amplified the further down […]

Changing culture by shaping the conversation

28th October 2014|

In our recent blog, “5 ways to spark life back into your organisation”, we outlined 5 tactics to breath life into a mature organisation and these were:

Shape conversations
Get clear on what matters most
Show them the lid of the box
Deal with the “Tough Stuff”
Change behaviours not just processes

Over the coming weeks, we will be running a […]

Short term wins can help employees deal with change

26th July 2014|

Whether it’s moving jobs, moving to a new school or adapting to a new office layout, we all face times when we have to let go of something that has marked out our identity and defined who we are.  For that reason, helping employees to deal with change is never easy. In any change […]