Your 31 least productive hours each month

31st May 2016|

We spend 62 hours per month in meetings
According to recent research by Atlassian, we spend on average 62 hours in meetings per month and consider half of these as wasted time. This means that your 31 least productive hours each month are most likely spent in meetings.

So we’ve all probably tried to do something about […]

6 reasons NOT to have a team away day!

26th January 2015|

It seems that lots of my clients want me to facilitate “away days” at the moment. By this I’m talking about extended team meetings with the intention of getting some thinking done and decisions made away from the distractions of the workplace. Maybe it’s executive New Year’s resolutions or, more likely, that many of […]

BEWARE… failed projects ahead!

7th October 2014|

Have you seen a change programme within your organisation fail… and then be asked to resurrect it? Re-introducing failed projects back into the organisation is never easy.

The challenge is that often these initiatives have been sold in at a high level within the organisation with a business case that sounds entirely logical and sensible. […]