According to the Corporate Leadership Council’s (CLC) study on High Performance, the conventional approaches to managing/leading performance have delivered gains of about 1% per annum since 2002.  Yet on average, Executives and Managers estimate they will need to lift employee performance by around 20% to meet their organisation’s goals over the next 2-3 years.

Network Performance to achieve breakthrough results

By analysing what ‘the best’ are achieving, they say this is possible.  The key to unlocking breakthrough results is to increase the ‘Network Performance’ of employees.

Network Performance is defined as “employees effectiveness at improving others’ performance, and using others’ contributions to improve his or her own performance“. (i.e. as opposed to ‘Individual Task Performance’ – an employee’s effectiveness at achieving his/her individual tasks and assignments).

Network Performance involves employees in:

  • Effectively transferring great ideas from other parts of the organisation into their own work
  • Improving procedures and processes based on ideas from others
  • Effectively transferring skills and knowledge to co-workers
  • Providing useful new ideas for products, services and process improvements for others
  • Improving working methods, techniques or tools for others

So, what do you think leaders need to do (more of) to achieve this?  Maybe you’ve got some examples of things that have worked well?