We recently posted a blog called “5 ways to spark life back into your organisation” and these were:

  1. Shape conversations
  2. Get clear on what matters most
  3. Show them the lid of the box
  4. Deal with the “Tough Stuff”
  5. Change behaviours not just processes

In our last blog we looked at the importance of managers taking time to shape conversations to shape behaviour. In this the second blog in the series we look at how managers can get clear on what matters most.

It’s common to hear of clients buckling under the pressure of initiative after initiative and measure after measure.  A susceptibility of senior managers to be distracted by fads, short-term crises and whims means that it is quite common for employees to become confused and cynical about the direction of the organisation.

The use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) has become a popular method for managers and teams to keep an eye on the “organisational dashboard”. However, when we talk to our clients, in many cases they tell is that their KPIs are actually just PIs (Performance Indicators) and there is nothing “Key” about them. Often they are trying to track too many. One client had as many as 35 “KPIs” they were trying to measure.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the organisations who deliver consistently high results are able to get clear on priorities and identify no more that 3-5 key measures their organisation will concentrate on over the next 12 months… linked to projects and activities they will prioritise above all others.

So if you have ended up in a situation where you are trying to manage, monitor and measure too much, sit down with your team and discuss what really matters most. If you were to measure and prioritise just 3-5 things, what would they be? Get alignment on these priorities and reshuffle workloads and objectives to make sure you deliver these “critical few”. Agree on which projects and measures you will deprioritise too and discus how you will manage expectations around this.

You will be amazed how much energy and positivity you can release if you clear the decks and get your team focused on what’s really important.

If you need help rationalising your workload and priorities, get in touch with us about our expert facilitation services. We’ve helped many clients to get their teams aligned and get clear on what matters most.