Samuel Phillips Law FirmOur client’s aim

Samuel Phillips Law Firm worked with Flint Spark Consulting because they needed help to ignite their people by getting their priorities in order (because when people share the big picture they are motivated to make a difference).


Objective of our commission

Flint Spark Consulting was commissioned to design and facilitate a workshop for twenty four partners and employees within this successful law firm. The aim of the event was to share important strategic information and to discuss the future direction and focus of the practice in response to major regulatory changes affecting the legal profession.


Our chosen approach

Following meetings with key partners and staff we designed an approach which involved undertaking behavioural and personality profiling in advance of the workshop. The results of the profiles were consolidated into team and individual reports which provided the basis of the first half of the workshop, providing the opportunity for participants to review the implications for their individual and team ‘Change Styles’ on their work and the behaviours displayed at work.

The second part of the workshop was then geared to enabling partners and employees to identify strategic focus areas where they could work together to change the business, through facilitated scenario planning.


Services delivered

Praise for a job well done

Craig instantly understood our brief and added his own considerable experience to deliver a very effective event for Samuel Phillips. We will be working with Craig again and I would be very happy to recommend him to other firms.