Is your performance management system broken?

22nd March 2015|

Performance review time
We are approaching the time of year where many organisations are either setting performance objectives for the coming year or reviewing them for the one just gone. It raises the question as to how effective many of our performance management systems are?

I recently read an article in Personnel Today titled “Are performance management systems […]

Get clear on what matters most

9th December 2014|

We recently posted a blog called “5 ways to spark life back into your organisation” and these were:

Shape conversations
Get clear on what matters most
Show them the lid of the box
Deal with the “Tough Stuff”
Change behaviours not just processes

In our last blog we looked at the importance of managers taking time to shape conversations to […]

Are you lavishing unhelpful praise on your employees?

31st October 2014|

I read an interesting article in the news this morning in the UK about research carried out in education. One I thought I would share with you as it has relevance to most workplaces too.

The research found that excessive praise for struggling children by teachers may be counter-productive to learning. It said, “too much […]

Network Performance key to achieving breakthrough results

26th July 2014|

Leaders estimate that a 20% uplift in employee performance is needed to achieve organisational goals. Network performance is the answer.